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Who sequenced the human genome?

Who sequenced the human(Caucasian) genome?

Human Genome Project was funded at many laboratories around the U.S. by the Department of Energy (DOE), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), or both. 

A list of the major U.S. Human Genome Project sites is here (Human Genome Project Sequencing Sites).

Other researchers at numerous colleges, universities, and laboratories throughout the United States have also received DOE and NIH funding for human genome research. At any given time, the DOE Human Genome Program has funded about 100 separate principal investigators. For DOE-funded projects, see Research. To see a list of NIH-funded projects, visit their grants database.

In addition, many large and small private U.S. companies are conducting genome research. For more on the genomics research partnership between the public and private sectors, see the Human Genome Project and the Private Sector Fact Sheet. At least 18 other countries have participated in the Human Genome Project. See the list.

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